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Artificial Grass Dubai
Artificial Grass Dubai

We are providing the best services of Artificial Grass in Dubai and that is why we have been attracting many tourists from all over the world. When we started with our business in Dubai, we did not expect to grow so fast and continuously invest in this field. We are now one of the leading artificial grass companies in the whole world. We are serving more than 30 million people who need our services in installing artificial grass on their property.

Key Benefits of Service

Desert Eagle Green Landscapes provide a range of fire-resistant, weatherproof, UV-protected, easy/zero-maintenance artificial grass in Dubai. Our entire artificial grass collection has a wide range of designs, color combinations, patterns, and sizes to meet diverse preferences.

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Ideal for small gardens, balconies, and playgrounds
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Material is synthetic fiber and the base is made of rubber

Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial grass doesn’t face the same threats that real grass does — nor does it require the same routine maintenance procedures. An artificial lawn won’t be susceptible to weeds or diseases/fungi, but it risks other wear and tear in high traffic areas, and battering from the elements. Just because it’s artificial doesn’t mean it won’t require time and attention once it’s installed.

Caring for artificial turf involves the day-to-day management of what happens to your lawn. Between children, pets, and the elements, even artificial grass will need some sort of stain management.

Having pets doesn’t mean you must constantly clean and rinse your artificial grass — clean up of pet waste is quite simple. Simply:

  1. Allow solid waste to dry before you remove it.
  2. Artificial grass will drain most liquid. So, if desired, to avoid a stench, douse the turf in cool water from a hose on urine spots.

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